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We offer web development consulting and computing solutions for small businesses and homes.

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AWS Certified

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We have CompTIA Security+ certified professionals.

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OhhDenny Services, LLC originally started in 2010 in Greenbelt, Maryland by a Software Developer who wanted to educate small businesses on building and properly maintaining their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. We now reside in the greater San Antonio area.

The first small business we worked with was Ideal Nursing Services, LLC in 2013. Ideal Nursing Services is small business providing nursing services to hundreds of medicare and medicaid recipients. We became their “IT person” to assist them with their technology needs with specific focuses on Web Development, Computer Services, and Networking. We assisted them recommending and performing upgrades to all of their computers, educating the staff on how to protect themselves from cyber attacks, and upgrading their network to use two Wireless Access Points (WAPs) instead of having all of their machines connected through ethernet cables.

OhhDenny Services brings over 20 years of IT experience working with federal government agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses. Our focus is Web Development and Computer Services but even if those are not the services that fit your need, OhhDenny Services can point you in the right direction with anything involving IT.

We want to be your friendly neighborhood tech crew!

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